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Author: James Levin


A different kind of Christmas

This past Christmas day was my first time spending Christmas away from my home and my family. While I am happy to be here and lucky to have the opportunity to live in Thailand, being away this holiday was very...


PHOTOS: A fire drill in Thailand

On Thursday after sports week was finished, we had a fire drill in my school. To be fair, I was warned a few hours ahead of time that at 2:30 I would need to take my class outside and keep...


PHOTOS: Sports week

Over the past two weeks students would be absent from class and classes would be cut short to prepare for sports week. As usual, all my attempts to comprehend the event fell short due to communication issues. But I gathered...

maesotfood 2

Mae Sot: My kind of city

I recently spent a long weekend in Mae Sot, Thailand while making a visa run into Myanmar and discovered that it really was my kind of city. Mae Sot reminded me of things I had no idea I was missing...